What do you see as the most pressing issue facing the college?

While all the priorities called out in the Master Plan are important, the one that strikes me as the most pressing is “Add Workforce and Academic Programs to Align with Projected Collin County Labor Market Needs”. Determining how we’re going to maintain focus on scaling Collin College growth to align with where the county is headed while balancing the other initiatives will call for a level of governance that is challenging.

When working with my clients in dealing with the similar issue of prioritizing projects across a portfolio of desirable goals, I ask them which will truly make a difference in the survival of their company. While Collin College isn’t faced today with making a life or death choice, there should be a sense of urgency in preparing now for the needs of the county in the future. One of the reasons businesses are relocating to our area is the quality of the workforce and by maintaining a focus on this outcome, we’ll prepare ourselves for this desired growth.

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