Tale of 2 paths

This is the tale of 2 paths. I had the misfortune to have my car overheat on the way to an event in the morning and pulled off to have it serviced. While I was waiting for a ride home, I struck up a conversation with another customer. We spoke of our career choices and when she mentioned that her job consisted mainly of handling paper, I offered up an observation based on my experiences. The world is turning more digital every day and that we need to plan to address the likely outcome that what we currently do will not be the same in the future. I suggested that some folks may opt to start examining what they enjoy in their current position and look to see where they can expand into new areas. This may involve additional training or education and that such programs exist at their local Community College. She stated that her plan was to retire rather than retrain when that change occurs. 

This conversation ended as my ride arrived and I bid her good luck with her car repair and upcoming retirement. My driver asked me what I did for my job and I explained how I ended up in the world of Information Technology. He said that in his teen years (and he was fortyish now) that he enjoyed playing with computers but had gone into oil and gas as a field worker and was now looking at what to do next. Knowing that being a driver for hire was only a temporary plan, he mentioned he was wondering how he could get back into a role that involved computers. This presented my second chance to offer up the Community College option; looking at either the Computer Networking Technology or Information Systems Cybersecurity (both growing fields). We parted ways and I offered him my card so I could provide him with more information.

We’re each entitled to our own opinion and I feel my role is to present people with the opportunity to be successful. If after hearing what options are potentially available and then weighing them, they’ll need to make a choice. To either take the path of doing nothing, which has a particular outcome; or to start down a new path, which may be challenging, but that offers so much more. Please take the time to consider your own situation and upon reflection, which path will you choose?